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Triorca UK

Rachel Skipp, Triorca Administrator 

Tel. 07585 114877


Chloe Peterson & Katie Schutte, Triorca Ambassadors

Norfolk County Youth Orchestra & Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians

Juliet Rickard, Director & Triorca Trustee

Tel. +44 1603 665868 | Mob. +44 7786 122374


Triorca Germany

Laura Bittniok & Arved von Hagen, Triorca Ambassadors

Sabine Melchiori

Landes Musikgymnasium, Montabaur, Rheinland Pfalz

Richard Moser, Schulleiter 

Tel. +49 2602 9475770 | Mob. +49 151 5632293

Triorca Serbia

Isidor Bajic Music School, Novi Sad

Jasna Markovic-Vujanovic, Assistant Director

Tel. +391603013973


Suzana Sarvak, Triorca Ambassador


Former players talk about Triorca...

an oboe player with the Norfolk County Youth Orchestra

From NorfolkCharlotte Evans, aged 18, an oboe player with the Norfolk County Youth Orchestra

Charlotte is very excited about the project: "With Triorca, we will use music as the common ground to unite players from three very different countries into one amazing orchestra, teeming with a wealth of different cultural influences and ideas. I am so excited to see how the orchestra will develop, how our shared passion for music will enable us to overcome any language barriers, and how we will all learn from each other and be inspired to grow and change both on an individual basis, and eventually, as an orchestra. It is certainly going to be a life changing experience and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to take part in such a wonderful project."

Violin player with the Isidor Bajic Music School Orchestra

From Novi SadVanja Radlovački, aged 17, a violinist in the Isidor Bajic Music School Orchestra.

I rehearse for every performance with a desire to give the audience a chance to have new and pleasurable musical experiences. I have played the violin for 11 years and from the very beginning I have enjoyed chamber and orchestral performances. I have seven years’ experience of playing together with other instruments.

In my opinion Triorca is a great opportunity to interact with others; to find new ideas and new inspiration. International orchestras always help musicians who are looking for "own music" to develop their mastery. Triorca provides an opportunity to get in touch with different approaches and to create new friendships. I want to be a professional musician and I see this project as a great opportunity to improve my knowledge and raise my own musical quality. It will be interesting to participate in spreading multiculturalism in mine and other communities and enjoy playing music at the same time.

Iz Novog Sada – Vanja Radlovački, 17 godina, violinista u orkestru Muzičke Škole Isidor Bajić.

Za svaki nastup se pripremam sa željom da pružim publici priliku da doživi novi prijatan susret sa muzikom. Sviram već punih 11 godina. U kamernim i orkestarskim nastupima najviše uživam. Triorca je velika prilika da u interakciji sa drugima pronađem nove ideje i inspiraciju. Internacionalni sastavi muzičarima koji tragaju za "svojom muzikom" uvek pomažu u građenju novog umetničkog duha. Triorca pruža priliku za susrete sa drugim školama i stvara nova prijateljstva. Želim da se bavim muzikom i vidim ovaj projekat kao sjajnu priliku da nadogradim svoje znanje, učestvujem u širenju multikulturalnosti u svojoj i drugim sredinama, doprinesem svom muzičkom kvalitetu, a uz sve to uživam u sviranju.

What Triorca means to me - players and staff

"Triorca means the opportunity to meet new people, to overcome the barriers of language and be united by a mutual love and understanding of music. By working and performing in Novi Sad, we were inspired by a culture different to our own, but one which was welcoming and stimulating." 
Helena Wysocki, violin

"Cooperation between different musical cultures gives new insight into the music: it is very important."
Nick Ball, double bass

"Triorca za nas predstavlja divno iskustvo na kome smo stekli noveprijatelje. Zadovoljne smo koncertom I nadamo se da cemo doci u Englesku. :-)" (Triorca for us means new wonderful experience and we have some new friends. We think that the concert was very nice and we hope we will come to England. :-) )
Svetlana Nestorovic and Olesja Ramac, violins

"For me, Triorca means wonderful experiences, which have given us so many amazing opportunities to meet new people, visit new places and play music. Visiting Novi Sad was amazing as it enabled us to play music in such a culturally different environment which was so friendly despite language barriers. "
Alice Nixon, violin

"Triorka je veoma koristan projekat, jer smo naucili mnogo stvari od dirigenata I asistenata. Drago nam je sto smo deo ove zajednice. Upoznali smo mnoge drage ljude sa kojima se druzimo I zajedno muziciramo. Cak I kada se ne razumemo dok pricamo, tu je muzicki jezik koji nas sve povezuje" (Triorca is very useful project, because we learned a lot of things from conductors and assistants. We are happy to be part of this community. We met many lovely people with whom we made friends and enjoyed the music together. Even when we don't understand each other when we are talking, the music language is here to connect us.)
Svetlana Nestorovic, Suzana Sarvak, Olesja Ramac, violins; Nedeljka Radanovic, Irena Josifoska, cellos

"The experience of the quality of the players around me is incredible and I have learned a lot from them, and particularly from being able to work with Nick Daniels."
Tess Lewis-Williams, cello

"Triorca has given me the opportunity to fulfil the dream of become a more confident percussion player. Without sounding sycophantic (!), I can't wait to work with Nick again: he is so encouraging, so supportive of initiative and enthusiasm."
Adam Dougall, tuba and triangle

"The thing I'll miss the most about Triorca is chatting with the Germans and Serbians - there were some really great people in the orchestra, and I had some fantastic times not only going out and seeing Novi Sad with them, but staying in with a game of cards! Also, the opportunity to play more challenging repertoire like Shostakovich 5 cannot be underestimated, as it Is very tough for most youth/amateur orchestras to perform. Having decided to study jazz, I never thought I'd miss orchestral playing, but Triorca may have changed that!"
Harry Evans, percussion

"Playing with musicians of other countries connect with a lot of hard work, headaches, different (but nice!) food and a lot of fun. "
The German Horn Section

"Triorca has been a wondrous experience for me: perhaps the richest educational and social experience of my life. As a non-musician who loves music, this project has given me a fascinating backstage role in helping enable three sets of the most talented, delightful young musicians to meet, talk, laugh – and play with exponentially increasing inspiration – together; and in three of the loveliest cities in Europe. It has given me unique insight into the comparative educational systems and values of these three places, as well as an acute awareness of the need for mutual understanding in encouraging the work of the three different sets of organisers – let alone of these fine young artists."
Robert Rickard, Triorca fun(d)raiser

"I love Triorca because it connects people from different countries and cultures. It is the best way to speak the same language and play wonderful music. I am happy to be a part of it and I'm enjoying so much. So, thank you for that."
Nevena Vlaovic, cello

"Triorca means the promise of a united, friendly future. Novi Sad is a beautiful and historic city, but one whose best years must surely be still to come. When you recall how recently bombs fell on its buildings and its bridges, the success and potential of the Triorca project becomes all the more inspiring and moving."
David Price, oboe

"Triorca means having fun with friends."
Aileen Nierent, flute

"I can't put into words what Triorca means to me: it demonstrates that music is a universal language that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, that speaks straight to the heart, to the emotions… . I feel very privileged to have been involved with this project."
Geraldine Evans, Sectional Tutor



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